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Industrial Painting Excellence

Protect what you own with coatings applied by one of the nation’s top industrial painting contractors—Vulcan Painters. In business for more than 60 years, Vulcan Painters has the training, expertise and certifications to execute complex industrial painting projects. Our years of experience include work in industries such as power generation, pulp and paper, bridges and dams, and sewer and waste water. We coat pipe and paint industrial plants, stadiums and other structures. We are experts at shutdowns. Safety is a core value for us and we have a full-time safety, training and leadership development director.

SSPC Quality Program Certifications

Our commitment to the skills and safety training of our workers assures our customers of quality work performed safely. We are ISO 9001 certified, and also certified by SSPC--The Society for Protective Coatings--in six Quality Programs:

QP1 Coating complex structures in the field / QP2 Removing hazardous paint in the field / QP3 Application of protective coatings in shop facilities / QP8 Installing polymer coatings or surfacing on concrete and other cementitious surfaces / QP9 Application of architectural coatings on commercial and institutional structures / and QS1 Quality Control System.

QS 1 may be used by owners and specifiers who require a higher level of quality control for their projects and confirms that a contractor has the personnel, organization, qualifications, procedures, knowledge, and capability to implement the quality standards. It requires that a contractor implement and document more stringent quality control and record-keeping procedures than those included in the requirements of other standards.

What are the benefits of these certifications for the customer?

  • Longer service life from coatings properly applied
  • Confidence specifying new technologies
  • Documentation throughout the project
  • Safety of workers and preservation of the environment.

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