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Dust Collector for Fabricator

Part:  Refurbish 30-ft. tall dust collector including structural supports and duct work for installation in a paper board processing plant.

Scope:  The customer acquired this dust collector from a book bindery and planned to use it again, requiring abrasive blasting to remove corrosion from its steel surfaces, and repainting to get it ready for it's new use. 

Specifications:  The outside of the dust collector and associated ductwork and structural steel received an SP-6 commercial blast to remove failing coating and rust.  then it was primed with Sherwin Williams Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer at 3-4 mils nominal DFT.  Next it received two coats of Sherwin Williams Metalastic Acrylic Modified Enamel at 3-5 mils nominal DFT.  the topcoat was tinted antique white to match the existing color of the facility where it was to be installed.