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Repainting statue of Vulcan

Project:  Repainting statue of Vulcan, Roman god of the forge

Customer:  Vulcan Park and Museum ,  City of Birmingham

Special challenges:  Access and rigging on the 56-ft. tall statue on its 124-foot WPA-era sandstone pedestal, and working around Vulcan’s schedule as a popular destination for tourists and school children, as well as a venue for corporate parties, events and weddings.

Scope:  Vulcan is the largest cast iron statue in the world. The project scope was to prime peeling    places on the statue and give it a complete refresher coating; and to clean and seal the leaking, porous, sandstone pedestal, through which rain from storms   was causing damage to the inner staircase and marble lobby.

Awards:  Vulcan Painters was awarded a George Campbell Award from SSPC, The Society for Protective Coatings.